OGS - that means open all-day school

“Open” means that this offer from the school is not compulsory. Families who would like to take advantage of the open all-day school program must register their children. The open all-day program is intended to address the interests and needs of families with children and create a needs-oriented offering.

The OGS should be a place where your child feels comfortable, at where they are supported with their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Interesting activities should take place in a familiar environment so that the children can pursue their interests and talents and develop further in the group . In addition, the afternoon area is to be closely linked to the school area. Through regular exchanges with the teachers, the children also receive the best possible care and support in the afternoons. The programs and projects are coordinated with the children’s everyday school life.

The all-day program at St. Katharina Primary School has evolved from afternoon care. As a result, the school’s support association has invested many resources in the design and equipment of the all-day program. When the elementary school in Würdinghausen and Oberhundem were closed, the need for an all-day program in Heinsberg increased even more. The structures developed steadily, so that St. Katharina Primary School now has an all-day program, which brings together the rural structures of the villages on the one hand and the decree of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the other. This decree stipulates that OGS is an educational program consisting of three essential components:

  1. Lunch
  2. Homework supervision
  3. Leisure activities

In February 2022, the Förderverein handed over sponsorship to KIG – Kinder im Ganztag gGmbH.

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Helena Schröder

Helena Schröder
– Pedagogical leadership OGS –

Tanja Voosen

Tanja Voosen
– Deputy Head OGS –


– Employee OGS –

Anja Schwermer

Anja Schwermer
-kitchen power-



The open all-day school at Heinsberg Primary School is financed by funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and parental contributions.
The amount of the parental contributions is determined by the local authority and collected by the municipality of Kirchhundem.

Supervision 8.00 – 13.20

The costs are

  • 25,00 € per child / per month
  • 15,00 € per sibling / per month
Supervision OGS

The costs are

  • If the parents’ annual income does not exceed € 20,000, the municipality of Kirchhundem will pay the parental contributions for these children.

  • 50,00 € per child / per month.

  • 37.50 per sibling / per month.

  • Lunch: € 3.90 per meal / per day.

Opening hours

Our OGS is regularly open between 11:30 and 16:00. However, if classes are canceled, the children can also be looked after from 8:00 a.m., i.e. at the start of classes.

Participation is planned for 5 days until at least 15:00. The children are welcome to take part in various activities, great games and varied leisure activities until 16:00. It is possible to exempt a child from OGS on 2 days a week with proof. For an exemption, a deregistration form must be completed and submitted 2 days before deregistration. This applies to both regular and one-off deregistrations.

Up to 3 pedagogical days of the childcare team can take place per year On these days, no childcare is offered. Parents will be informed of this date in good time.

Vacation offers

Vacation care is not a vacation camp and is primarily aimed at children who have no childcare options at home.

Vacation care times

Vacation care takes place daily from 8.00 am to 2.15 pm :

  • in the first week of the Easter vacation,
  • the first two weeks of the summer vacation
  • and in the first week of the fall holidays.

Our OGS remains closed on all other vacation days. This also applies to the school’s floating vacations .


For OGS children, vacation care is already included in the fee and is therefore free of charge.

The children in childcare can also take part for an additional payment of €30 plus lunch.


Since February 2022, the open all-day school has been run by KIG – Kinder im Ganztag. KIG is a subsidiary of the KSB – Kreissportbund Olpe, which specializes in open all-day schools. Under the motto “Learn, Live, Laugh”, over 15 schools are sponsored by KIG.


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