for each other, from each other, together and individually: hand in hand on the path to the future.

for each other, from each other, together and individually: hand in hand on the path to the future.

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We wish all families a relaxing vacation!

On Saturday, 21.09.2024, our open day will take place for all interested parties. We are also celebrating the 70th anniversary of our school on this day.

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St. Katharina Primary School Heinsberg

School dog Flocke

Since the new school year 2023/2024, our pupils have been accompanied by the school dog Flocke.

We are very much looking forward to the support in our team.

Learning times

The rhythm of the school morning and afternoon allows pupils to learn in a relaxed manner. They are not torn away from their concentrated work on the subject matter after 45 minutes by the chime. Interdisciplinary learning, especially in the subjects German and general studies, is supported by the minute model. We would be happy to explain our teaching model in a personal meeting.

Starter class

The starter class enables children to get to know our school before they officially start school and to get a taste of it in a fun way. Together with a teacher and the social pedagogue, they discover the school, learn about rituals and also deal with some of the content.

Our primary aim is to allay any fears and ensure a relaxed start after the vacations.

Nature and school

Further information will follow shortly.

Latest news

We are delighted to be able to tell you about some of the exciting events and projects that our elementary school has been involved in over the last few weeks and months.

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Last day of school

On the last day of school before the summer vacations, the atmosphere at St. Katharina Primary School was particularly festive and joyful. Pupils in Years 1 to 3 first gathered in their respective classrooms to receive their certificates. There ...
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Farewell to class 4

On the penultimate day of the school year, several special events were on the agenda. After the presentation of the “School with Courage” certificate, we said goodbye to this year’s fourth graders, with the two third graders Tim and ...
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Certificate School with Courage

On Thursday, 04.07.24, St. Katharina Grundschule Heinsberg was awarded the School with Courage certificate in a festive ceremony. The mayor and sponsor of the project, Björn Jarosz, and school councillor Britta Halbe also attended the event. After a few ...
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Class 2 vehicles

As part of the science lesson series “We build vehicles from everyday materials”, the children in Year 2 have spent the last few weeks building their own cars. The first step was to consider what components a car actually ...
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Our class trip to Bilstein Castle

From May 22-24, 2024, we – class 4 – went to Bilstein Castle. We met in Altenhundem and set off on our hike. The climb was quite strenuous. We took a break in between. Our first destination was the ...
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Freudenberg open-air stage

On Wednesday, June 5, Class 2 went to the open-air theater in Freudenberg. The play “Dr. Dolittle” was performed.
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