School with a bite

We have officially been a "School with Bite" since March 14, 2024.

That’s what sets us apart:

Brushing teeth at the open all-day school has long been one of our fixed rituals. Because only thoroughly cleaned teeth are beautiful and stay healthy. Our Kai rule helps children to clean thoroughly. We also regularly offer a tooth brushing project.

Kinder im Ganztag is developing standards for lunch in order to optimize our caterer’s balanced offer, e.g. with a salad bar.

The school dentist visits every year to check on dental health. The visit is complemented by the “Healthy in the mouth” project offered by the dental health working group.

Important: Every child can visit the dentist free of charge. This ensures the health of the teeth.

Our breakfast check at the joint school breakfast in the classes helps all children to eat a healthy breakfast with fruit, raw vegetables and wholemeal bread.

Our children can always fall back on the 57water, which is financed by donations. In the open all-day school, the water is supplemented by other sugar-free drinks.

The development of proper dental care is of course also thoroughly discussed in science lessons.

Together against tooth decay!

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