School with courage

The election for admission to the “School with Courage” network has been completed. We are very pleased that 95.2 percent of the school community supports our goal of becoming a “School with Courage” and that we were able to win Mayor Jarosz as a sponsor for our project. The application documents are then sent to the network.

What does that mean?

Racism means that you devalue or treat other people badly because they are different, have a different skin color or come from a different country than you.

Many different children learn at our school: tall and short, fat and thin, slow and fast and also children with different hair and skin colors as well as children from different cultures and different religions.

Many adults work at our school, and they also differ from each other in many ways.

Some of us come from other countries and speak a different language to German, have different customs and religions.

Each and every one of us is unique and valuable to our school community!!!!

What does implementation look like at school?

On the one hand, we are already putting this into practice in our daily interactions within the school community. On the other hand, the discussions in the class council, the student parliament, dispute resolution, the motto of the month, the smiley group and the school rules support our plans. Our long-established Sister Raphaela collection campaign will also continue.

This is in addition:

“Day of good deeds”

Every child at St. Katharina Primary School becomes a helper angel on a special day and supports a selected person.

Examples: Help with shopping, in the garden, sweeping and ….. 🙂

We will also carry out a selected project each year on the topic of “Living together in a colorful community”.

As soon as the certification is available, it will be presented at a ceremony.

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