Our class trip to Bilstein Castle

From May 22-24, 2024, we – class 4 – went to Bilstein Castle. We met in Altenhundem and set off on our hike. The climb was quite strenuous. We took a break in between. Our first destination was the Hohe Bracht. From there we could look out over all the valleys. Afterwards, we walked to the playground in Bilstein and ate pizza. Then we went to the castle. First we moved into our rooms. Each room had its own name. Later, when we were finished, we went outside and listened to the castle rules. Then we got to know our teamer Till and played cool games on the castle grounds. In the evening we went on a night hike. On the second day, we went into the forest after breakfast. There we built huge marble runs out of natural materials in groups. They should include a right-hand bend, a left-hand bend, a jump and an underpass. The groups all did great. After the lunch break, we went back into the forest. Ropes were stretched between two trees. The group could be pulled up on these ropes. It was very exciting and cool. After dinner, we started our disco party. We also played fun games there. The next morning we had breakfast and packed our things. Our parents picked us up again at the castle. That was a great school trip!

Edda and Jasmin

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