Christmas musical 2023

Parents, grandparents and guests were warmly welcomed by the children, colleagues and staff of St. Katharina Primary School in a festively decorated Christmas hall. Advent lights were shining and it smelled of coffee and cake. After a cozy get-together, the first song was played by the elves, who appeared on stage dancing and opened the musical “The Wondrous Christmas Season”.

The children had prepared for the performance in advance during a project week. Lyrics and songs were learned by heart and dances were rehearsed. The sets were put together and the costumes were sewn. The preparation was very strenuous for everyone, but the effort was worth it. In addition to the elves, star cleaners, the “cold king” and, not to forget, the Rudis made an appearance. Rudi’s song: “There’s no such thing, I hardly believe it” will resonate in many ears for a long time to come. After thunderous applause, all the artists and teachers performed an encore at the end.

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